Japanese wisdom. 35 key phrases.

1. Fall the road to Fools and Crazy.

2. A woman will want to pass through the cliff.

3. Don't your the outgoing, unsended.

4. Fast is slowly, but without interruptions.

5. Better to be the enemy of a good man than a friend of bad.

6. No ordinary people are great.

7. Whoever wants to go upstairs will think of the ladder.

8. A husband and wife must be like a hand and an eye: when your hand hurts, your eyes cry, and when your eyes cry, your hands wipe out tears.

9. The sun doesn't know the right. The sun doesn't know the wrong. The sun is shining without the target of someone to warm up. Which is similar to the sun.

10. The sea is therefore large, and the small streams do not 'im.

11. And the remote path begins with a close.

12. Who drinks, he doesn't know about the harm of wine; Who doesn't drink, he doesn't know the benefits.

13. Even if you need a sword once in your life, you should always wear it.

14. Beautiful flowers of good fruit do not bring.

15. Grief, like a torn dress, must be left at home.

16. When there's love, smallpox ulcers are as beautiful as the dimples on the cheeks.

17. No one stumbling in bed.

18. One good word can snuggling three winter months.

19. If you can solve the problem, you don't have to worry about her if you can't fix it, then worry about it.

20. When you draw a branch, you hear wind breath.

21. Check it out seven times before you doubt a person.

22. Do what you can, and then you'll be on your own.

23. Excessive honesty borders on foolishness.

24. To a house where you laugh, happiness comes.

25. The victory comes to someone who will wait half an hour more than his opponent.

26. It happens that the sheet is drowning and the stone floats.

27. The smiley face won't let the arrow in.

28. Cold tea and cold rice are tolerant, but a cold glance and a cold word are unbearable.

29. Ten years is a miracle, twenty is a genius, and after 30 is a normal man.

30. When you think about it, you decide, and decided you don't.

31. To ask, shame for a minute, not to know — shame for life.

32. A perfect vase never came out of the hands of a bad master.

33. Don't be afraid to bend a little, straight vyprjamishsja.

34. Deep rivers are unheard.

35. If he went on his own volition, then a thousand RI seems to be one.


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